2025 Subaru WRX STI: The Ultimate Performance Car with an Electrified Twist

2025 Subaru WRX STI: The Ultimate Performance Car with an Electrified Twist – The Subaru WRX STI is one of the world’s most iconic and beloved performance cars, known for its rally heritage, turbocharged power, and distinctive styling. However, the current generation of the WRX STI has been discontinued since 2023 due to stricter emissions regulations and changing consumer preferences. Subaru fans have been eagerly waiting for the return of the STI badge, and they may not have to wait much longer.

2025 Subaru WRX STI
2025 Subaru WRX STI

According to various sources, Subaru is working on a new WRX STI that will debut in 2025, and it will be a radical departure from the previous models. The new WRX STI will be based on the recently redesigned WRX, which features a new platform, engine, and design. However, the WRX STI will take things to the next level with an electrified powertrain, which could be either a hybrid or fully electric.

Subaru has not confirmed any details about the new WRX STI, but some rumors suggest that it will have a dual-motor setup that will deliver around 400 horsepower and all-wheel drive. The new WRX STI will also have a more aggressive look, with a large rear spoiler, wider fenders, bigger wheels, and sportier bumpers. The interior will be upgraded with leather seats, an 8-inch touchscreen, and a head-up display.

2025 Subaru WRX STI Exterior
2025 Subaru WRX STI Exterior

The new WRX STI will be a game-changer for Subaru and the performance car segment, combining the best of both worlds: thrilling driving dynamics and environmental sustainability. The new WRX STI will also be a rare breed of electrified performance cars, as most of its competitors still rely on gasoline engines.

Design: Exterior and Interior

The new WRX STI will share some design elements with the new WRX, but it will also have its own identity and personality. The new WRX STI will have a more muscular and aerodynamic body with sharper lines and curves. The front end will feature a hexagonal grille with a large STI logo, flanked by LED headlights with C-shaped daytime running lights. The hood will have a large scoop to feed air to the intercooler.

The side profile will showcase the wide stance and the low center of gravity of the new WRX STI. The fenders will be flared to accommodate the larger wheels and tires, which could be 18 or 19 inches in diameter. The side skirts will also be more pronounced to enhance the sporty look. The doors will have black mirrors and handles to contrast the body color.

2025 Subaru WRX STI Interior
2025 Subaru WRX STI Interior

The massive spoiler will dominate the rear end, improving downforce and stability at high speeds. The taillights will also be LED units with C-shaped motifs. The bumper will have a diffuser and quad exhaust tips to complete the aggressive appearance. The trunk lid will have another STI logo and a WRX badge.

The interior of the new WRX STI will be a blend of comfort and functionality with high-quality materials and advanced technology. The seats will be covered in leather with red stitching and STI logos on the headrests. The seats will also be heated and ventilated for the front passengers and heated for the rear passengers. The steering wheel will be flat-bottomed and wrapped in leather, with paddle shifters and buttons for various functions.

The dashboard will have a digital instrument cluster displaying vital information such as speed, rpm, battery level, driving mode, etc. The center console will have an 8-inch touchscreen running Subaru’s Starlink infotainment system, which will support Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation, wireless charging, etc. The head-up display will project critical data on the windshield for easy viewing.

The cabin of the new WRX STI will also have plenty of storage spaces and cup holders for convenience. The trunk space will be decent for a performance car, but the battery pack or the electric motors may compromise it.


The most exciting aspect of the new WRX STI is its powertrain, which will be electrified for the first time in its history. Subaru has yet to reveal any official information about what kind of electrification system it will use, but there are two main possibilities: hybrid or electric.

A hybrid system would consist of a gasoline engine paired with one or more electric motors, providing additional power and torque. The gasoline engine could be a modified version of the 2.4-liter turbocharged flat-four that powers the new WRX, which produces 271 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The electric motor(s) could add another 100 horsepower or more, resulting in a total output of around 400 horsepower.

2025 Subaru WRX STI Exterior 2
2025 Subaru WRX STI Exterior 2

A hybrid system would have some advantages, such as lower emissions, better fuel economy, and instant torque delivery. However, it would also have some drawbacks, such as added weight, complexity, and cost. A hybrid system would also require a transmission, either a six-speed manual or a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

An electric system would consist of two motors, one for each axle, providing all-wheel drive and power. The electric motors could be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack under the floor or in the trunk. The electric motors could also produce around 400 horsepower or more, depending on the size and capacity of the battery pack.

An electric system would have some advantages, such as zero emissions, lower maintenance, and smoother performance. However, it would also have some drawbacks, such as limited range, longer charging time, and higher price. An electric system would also not require a transmission, as the electric motors would have a single-speed gear ratio.

Regardless of the type of electrification system, the new WRX STI will have Subaru’s signature symmetrical all-wheel drive system that will distribute the power to all four wheels. The new WRX STI will also have a driver-controlled center differential, allowing the driver to adjust the torque split between the front and rear axles. Additionally, the new WRX STI will have torque vectoring that will apply braking force to the inside wheels during cornering to improve handling and agility.

Release Date and Price

The new WRX STI is expected to debut in 2025, following the launch of the new WRX in 2024. The new WRX STI will be a global model that will be sold in various markets around the world. However, the availability and specifications may vary depending on the region and the regulations.

The new WRX STI will be priced higher than the new WRX, which starts at $28,495 for the base model and $32,495 for the premium model. The new WRX STI could start at around $37,000 for the base model and $41,000 for the premium model. However, these prices are estimates and may change before the official release.

2025 Subaru WRX STI Release Date
2025 Subaru WRX STI Release Date

The new WRX STI will face fierce competition from other performance cars in its segment, such as the Honda Civic Type R, the Hyundai Veloster N, the Volkswagen Golf R, and the Ford Focus RS. However, none of these rivals offer an electrified powertrain option, which could give the new WRX STI an edge in performance and efficiency.

The new WRX STI will be a highly anticipated car for Subaru fans and enthusiasts longing for a new generation of this legendary model. The new WRX STI will be a groundbreaking car that will combine electrification and performance in a way that has never been done before by Subaru. The new WRX STI will be a car worth waiting for.

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